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  Maa: The Mother : The most loveable in the Universe

Maa: The Mother : The Most Loveable In The Universe

by R.N. Kogata , Lalita Kogata,

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  From time immemorial a family Až consisting of father, mother, son, his wife, and their childern Až has been accepted as a sacred institution in all societies Až urban, rural, tribal or uncivilized, or even among animals to a certain extent. In the family, besides love and affection, the main factors cementing the bond between members are some virtues and morals like obedience, faithfulness, honesty, and, above all, chastity, not only for women but also for the men. In Hindu thought Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are considered the ideal parents as well as the ideal couple. In four books Až Pita, Maa, Pati and Patni Až pleasingly embellished with self-explaining paintings, Mr K.N. Kogata and Mrs Lalita Kogata have extolled the roles, activities, and moods of these important members of the first family with charming and delightful verses.

Sree Maatre Namah ” Pranaams to mother. With these words starts Latitaa Sahasranaam, or the 1,000 names of Devi. The privilege you can take with your mother, you cannot take even with your father. During the nine months a baby is inside the mother, the mother gives her own food, blood and nourishment to the unborn foetus so that it could develop into a fullgrown baby. During the nine months and during child-birth, the amount of fasts, hardships, worries, discomfort, sleeplessness, and pain a mother undergoes ” even if you give her the whole world it is no compensation at all. Our epics, Puranas, Upanishads, etc. all extol the highest importance of a mother in society. Mother is equally revered in all cultures throughout the world. In Annapoornaashtakam, Shankaracharya says annapoorne sadhaaporne. . . maataa cha parvati devi, pitaa devo maheshwara. . . . That means, Shankaracharya sees Parvati as the universal mother and lord Shiva as the universal father. In a similar way, the Kogatas have seen Parvati and Shiva, and have beautified this book with pleasing illustrations of both of them in different activities and moods, followed by charming and delightful verses.isbn-9788124604571

Pages : 24
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