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  Tabla & the World of Indian Rhythms

Tabla & The World Of Indian Rhythms

by Sudhis Chandra Banerjee

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  Here at last is a book in English on the Tabla, which the world has been waiting for. Due to continuation of insulated traditions in Indian Musical Practices as well as a veil of secrecy in the closeted legacy of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, most Tabla students were prevented from learning the subject in a free and unrestricted manner. In earlier days, the source of learning was centered around great masters (often quite intemperate ones), who would not put things in writing so that the `hidden treasure` was not made public. The training therefore was by word of mouth and through imitation. This is probably one of the main reasons why very few good books on the Tabla are available even to this day. Today, though a few books are available on the Tabla in regional Indian languages, this is perhaps the first comprehensive book of its kind to be written in English to cater to all those who would like to have an understanding of the Tabla through the medium of English which happens to be the lingua-franca of the World. This book definitely would contribute to the expansion of the horizons of Indian Culture in bringing the concept of Indian Rhythms within the fold of World Music. With the Tabla gaining worldwide popularity as a percussion instrument, it is all the more necessary to have a reliable, all-inclusive book in English to serve the larger interests of musicians, practitioners, researchers and music lovers all over the world. After extensive research, Sudhis Chandra Banerjee has written this book in the most deft and cogent manner and has also devised a simple, intelligible Tabla Script of his own. This book has two sections viz. Theory and Practice. It is lucidly written and is both systematic and understandable. It starts from the very basics to the advanced levels of Tabla in all its multi-dimensions and will prove to be an asset for any Individual, Institution, Teacher or Student who would like to teach/learn or appreciate and enjoy the Tabla in a systematic way. Portions have been added to facilitate the teachers and students to use the book as a practice/reference book for appearing at Music (Tabla) Examinations. This book would definitely prove to be a boon to all music lovers in this globalised world with its quintessential Indianness contributing to a pluralistic world culture.

Pages : 353
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