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   Lower Ladakhi Version of the Kesar Saga

Lower Ladakhi Version Of The Kesar Saga

by A H Francke

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  The position of king Kesar of Central Asian myth is equal to that of Ram of the Ramayan. Numerous versions of the Kesar Saga exist in songs, and lyric poems and prose romances; a mass of literature on this subject is found in Tibet, Mongolia and China. The book starts with a prologue to the Kesar Saga and continues with the story of his birth, his marriage with a Bruguma, his journey to China and his marriage there, his victory over the giants of the north, the capture of his wife by the king of Hor and finally the defeat of Hor. There are 6 appendices that narrate the spring myth of Kesar, the winter myth; A Ladakhi Bon-pa Hymnal; Ladakhi songs; a Ladakhi pre-Buddhist marriage ritual; and, the paladins of the Kesar Saga. This book is a compilation of various articles and was put together during the years 1905 “ 1941. ISBN :8120615077

Pages : 500
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