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  Pulmonary Function Testing, 3rd edn

Pulmonary Function Testing, 3Rd Edn

by Jack Wanger

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  Description: Pulmonary Function Testing: A Practical Approach, Third Edition covers the most commonly performed pulmonary function tests in an engaging and easily accessible format. This new edition contains updated material including the latest guidelines and recommendations from the American Thoracic Society, the American Association for Respiratory Care, and the European Respiratory Society. Including new and expanded chapters, covering maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressures, pediatrics, blood gases, and reference values, this text is an ideal guide for both classroom learning and application in the clinical setting.

Each chapter reviews a particular pulmonary function test or common group of tests. Background information and chapter features includes: • Relevant Physiology
• Pertinent Background Information
• Technical Factors
• Relevant Instrumentation
• Respiratory Calculations
• Patient Cases
• Self-assessment Questions
• References

Instructor Resources include an Instructora??s Manual, PowerPoint Presentations, TestBank, and an Image Bank.

Contents: Chapter 1: Forced Spirometry and Related Tests • Introduction • Physiology • Spirometry Instrumentation • Spirometry Testing Techniques • Calculations and Reporting Results • Reversibility Testing • Basic Elements of Interpretation • Special Considerations • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation • Peak Expiratory Flow Rate Monitoring • Infection Control • Case Presentations • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 2: Lung Volumes • Introduction • Lung Subdivisions: Volumes and Capacities • Measurement of VC • Measurement of FRC • Meaurement of Lung Volumes by Other Methods • Reference Values • Infectious Control • Case Presentations • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 3: Single-Breath Carbon Monoxide Diffusing Capacity • Introduction • Physiology • DL,CO Instrumentation • DL,CO Testing Techniques • Calculations • Quality Control • Basic Elements of Interpretation • Case Presentations • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 4: Airway Resistance by Body Plethysmography • Introduction • Physiology • Techniques • Calculations • Technical Considerations • References Values and Basic Interpretation • Quality Control • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 5: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test • Introduction • Terms and Normal Responses to Exercise • Patient Safety • Instrumentation • Testing Methodology • Measurement and Calculations • Quality Control • Reference or Normal Values • Case Presentations • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 6: Six-Minute Walk Test • Introduction • Indications • Contraindications • Patient Safety • Testing Technique • Quality Assurance and Other Issues • Interpretation • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 7: Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction Test • Introduction • Physiology • Testing Technique • Case Presentation • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 8: Bronchial Challenge Testing with Pharmacological Agents • Introduction • Methacholine Challenge Test • Mannitiol Challenge Test • Case Presentation • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 9: Maximal Inspiratory and Expiratory Pressures • Introduction • Physiology • Instrumentation • Testing Technique • Interpretation • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 10: Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing • Introduction • General Considerations • Spirometry • Lung Volumes and Airway Resistance • DL,CO • Case Presentations • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 11: Blood Gases and Associated Technologies • Introduction • Blood Gas Science • Blood Gas Analysis • Interpretation of Blood Gases • Quality Management of the Blood Gas Laboratory • Associated Technologies • Case Presentations • Self-Assessment Questions

Chapter 12: Pulmonary Function Testing Reference (Predicted) Values • Introduction • General Considerations • Selecting Reference Values for the Laboratory • Reference Values for Spirometry • Reference Values for Lung Volumes • Reference Values for DL,CO • Reference Values for Airway Resistance and Specific Conductance • Reference Values for Other Tests


A: Answers to Self-Assessment Questions
B: Conversion of Volumes
C: Mathematics of Boyle"s Law
D: Pulmonary Terms, Symbols, and Definitions
E: Calculation of Mean and Standard Deviation

ISBN - 9789380853598

Pages : 390
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