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  Buddhism and Environment

Buddhism And Environment

by M G Chitkara

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  Environment in Buddhism takes care of internal as well as external eco systems. Prince Sidhartha of Kapilavastu an Avathar in his own right renounced the world and its comforts. He attained Buddha hood and showed the world that such a state of equanimity and Ananda is attainable by all. He preached ahimsa and compassion as a way of life. Nonviolence does not mean the mere absence of violence. It is something more positive and more meaningful than that. True expression of nonviolence is compassion. It can be developed and nurtured without following any particular religion. Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. Individuals can make a difference in society. While nature should be preserved protected and nourished, exploitation of natural resources is necessary for the sustenance of the human race. Buddhism believes that the environment ecology and biodiversity are to be experienced. Buddhism believes that the environment ecology and biodiversity are to be experienced. Buddhism has a concept of Man in Nature which perceives land river Forest Mountain and even the wild animals as his manifestations. The concept of man in nature is in contra distinction to the concept of man versus nature as if the nature is for the benefit of man alone and deserves to be exploited to satisfy not only his needs but also his greed. The man in nature leads a contented life whereas the developments and acquisitions give rise to greed.

Table of Contents

Gautam Buddha and his philosophy
Concept of Bodhi tree and forestation
Concept of environment in legend and folklore
Harmony with nature
Nomadic life and worship of nature
Environmental catastrophe
Environment and reincarnation theory
Buddhist concept of environment
Environment in Buddhist philosophy
Panchsheel and environment
Environment and human rights
Dilution: a solution to pollution
Eco friendly rites
Wild life conservation

ISBN - 9788131314470

Pages : 157
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