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  The Ramayana Secret

The Ramayana Secret

by Anurag Chandra

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  Ravana has jeopardised the peaceful co-existence of the inner and outer Earths. The divine scripts are in his custody and the demon king is invincible. Rama is tasked with the secret mission of securing the scripts and handing them back to their rightful owners. Assuming the identity of Dasharatha`s son, Rama prepares for battle, aided by emissaries from the inner Earth kingdom of Agartha and sages residing in Dandaka. Will this alliance between the kingdoms of Agartha and Kosala save humanity from an impendingdisaster? Why is Rama`s real identity kept a secret? Who has decided to reveal the secret about Rama`s origins and why? Was Sita the real reason Rama fought against Ravana? The Ramayana Secret is Rama`s story, not as you know it but as it happened.

ISBN : 9789352766505

Pages : 216
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