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Hawaii (Paperback)
by James A. Michener

Rs 325.00
Rs 260.00
Fishes of India
by B.F. Chhapgar

Rs 175.00
Rs 157.50
Fish And Fisheries
by B. N. Pandey Sunil P. Trivedi Kamal Jaiswal Navneet Kaur Sethi

Rs 990.00
Rs 841.50
A Naturalist on the Prowl
by EHA (Introduction by Ruskin Bond)

Rs 295.00
Rs 230.10
Fish Packaging Technology: Materials and Methods
by K. Gopakumar

Rs 600.00
Rs 480.00
Food and Food Production Encyclopaedia
by Considine

Rs 1995.00
Rs 1596.00
Fruits and Vegetable Processing (PB)
by Bhatti Suman

Rs 350.00
Rs 280.00
Fundamentals Of Aquacultural Engineering (HB)
by Lawson T.B.

Rs 495.00
Rs 396.00
Food Science, 5e PB
by Potter

Rs 695.00
Rs 556.00
Establishment Of The First Gene Sanstuary in India for Citrus in Garo Hills
by Bhag Singh

Rs 500.00
Rs 425.00
Problem and Land Snail In Agriculture : A Study Of the Giant African Snail
by P.D. Srivastava

Rs 300.00
Rs 240.00
Administration Of Vocation Education
by Dhirendra Pathak

Rs 350.00
Rs 280.00
Indian Fish Marketing in India (In 8 Vols.)
by Indian Institute Of Management Ahmedabad

Rs 5000.00
Marine Life in India
by B.F. Chhapgar

Rs 350.00
Rs 315.00
Molluscan Fisheries of India
by K.A. Narsimham

Rs 2000.00
Rs 1700.00
Fishery Management, 2004
by Arvind Kumar

Rs 995.00
Rs 796.00
Fish Research, 2004
by B.N.Pandey

Rs 595.00
Rs 476.00
Economics of Fisheries, 2005
by P.N.Pandey

Rs 795.00
Rs 636.00
A Textbook Of Applied Aquatic Biology
by Hosetti, B B & Arvind Kumar

Rs 200.00
Technological Change And The Development Of Marine Fishing Industry In India
by Korakandy, R

Rs 480.00
The Common Birds Of Bombay
by E H A

Rs 395.00
Climate Change Forests And Forest Management : An Overview
by F A O, Ciesla, William M

Rs 295.00
Bird Life In India
by Bates, R S P

Rs 380.00
Advances In Fish And Wildlife Ecology And Biology Vol.2
by Kaul, Bansi Lal Ed

Rs 600.00
Advances In Fish And Wildlife Ecology And Biology Vol.1
by Kaul, Bansi Lal, Ed

Rs 700.00
A Manual Of Freshwater Ecology : An Aspect Of Fishery Environment
by Santharam, R Et Al

Rs 130.00
A Manual Of Aquatic Fungi : Chytridiomycetes And Oomycetes
by Khulbe, R D

Rs 495.00
The Marine And Fresh Water Fishes Of Ceylon
by Munro, Lan S R

Rs 1250.00
Oceanography For Meteorologists
by Sverdrup, H V

Rs 580.00
Maritime Archaeology : Historical Descriptions Of The Seafarings Of The Kalingas ; Foreword By Professor A Sundara
by Tripati, Sila

Rs 700.00
Indian Marine Biology
by Seshappa, G

Rs 175.00
Geographic And Oceanographic Research In Indian Waters
by Sewell, R B Seymour

Rs 1800.00
The Copepoda Of India Seas
by Sewell, R B S

Rs 1480.00
Aquaculture Systems And Practices : A Selected Review/f Ao
by Baluyut, Elvira A

Rs 295.00
Aquaculture Project Formulation
by F Ao, Insull, David & Colin E Nash

Rs 340.00
Aquaculture And Risk Management : An FAO Fishing Manual/fao
by Secretan, P A D & C E, Nash

Rs 120.00
Plant Wealth Of The Lower Ganga Delta : An Eco-taxonomical Approach In 2 Vols.
by Naskar, K

Rs 1400.00
Nutrient Dynamics In Freshwater Fish Culture System
by Rajagopalsamy, C B T & V Ramdhas

Rs 275.00
Modern Fishing Gear Technology
by Hameed, M Shahul & M R Boopendrananth

Rs 495.00
Microscopic Fresh Water Life
by Plaskitt, F J W

Rs 640.00
Joint Forest Management In Assam
by Deka, M M

Rs 295.00
Indian Wildlife Resources Ecology And Development
by Sharma, B D Ed

Rs 650.00
Fishes : Their Journeys And Migrations
by Roule, L

Rs 540.00
Rural Development In Action
by Giriappa, S

Rs 250.00
Limnological Research In India
by Mishra, S R Ed

Rs 495.00
Inland Fishery Enhancements/ FAO
by Petr, Tomi Ed

Rs 1800.00
Role Of Fisheries In Rural Development
by Giriappa, S Ed

Rs 220.00
Reservoir Fisheries Of India/ FAP
by Sugunan, V V

Rs 1290.00
Recreational Fisheries Development In India
by Korakandy, Ramakrishnan

Rs 650.00
Recent Researches In Aquatic Environment
by Gautam, Ashutosh & N K Agarwal Eds

Rs 380.00
Recent Advances In Fish Ecology Limbology And Eco Conservation Vol. 04
by Nath, Surendra Ed

Rs 320.00
Recent Advances In Fish Ecology Limnology And Eco Conservation Vol. 03
by Nath, Surendra Ed

Rs 280.00
Production And Marketing Management Of Marine Fisheries In India
by Sathiadhas, R

Rs 360.00
Postharvest Technology Of Fish And Fish Products
by Balachandran, K K

Rs 895.00
Pond Construction For Freshwater Fish Culture : Pond Farm Structures & Layouts
by F A O, Coche, A G

Rs 840.00
The Wild Animals Of India
by B N H S

Rs 550.00
Guidelines For The Management Of Tropical Forests : The Production Of Wood
by F A O, Armitage, Lan

Rs 595.00
Forest Wealth Of India : Inaccessible To Impoverished
by Raju, R A

Rs 860.00
Forest Resources Of North Bengal : A Profile Of Non Timber Forest Resources And Peoples Need
by Santra, S C & Moumita Roy

Rs 495.00
Advances In Fish And Wildlife Ecology And Biology Vol. 2
by Kaul, Bansi Lal

Rs 600.00
Advances In Fish And Wildlife Ecology And Biology Vol.1
by Kaul, Bansi Lal

Rs 700.00
Conservation And Management Of Aquatic Resources
by Gautam, Ashutosh Ed

Rs 480.00
Chemical Analysis Of Fish Pond Soil And Water
by Chattopadhyay, G N

Rs 260.00
The Biology Of Fishes : New Introduction By Dr. Vijay Dev Singh
by Kyle, Harry M

Rs 550.00
Farm Made Aquafeeds/ FAO
by New, Michael B Et Aal E Ds

Rs 840.00
Economics Of Fisheries : A Case Study Of Andhra Pradesh
by Rao, N. Subba

Rs 130.00
Economics Of Fisheries Management : A Crique In Third World Perspective
by Korakandy, R

Rs 360.00
Economics Of Brackishwater Shrimp Culture
by Andrew, P

Rs 290.00
Ecology And Biodiversity Of Indian Mangroves : Global Status In 2 Vols.
by Naskar, Kumudranjan & R Mandal

Rs 4400.00
Ecological Imbalance Of The Ganga River System : Its Impact Of Aquactulre
by Ray, Parmila

Rs 695.00
Ecological And Fisheries Development In Wetlands : A Study Of Chilka Lagoon
by Biswas, K P

Rs 450.00
Biology Hatchery And Culture Technology Of Tigher Prawn And Giant Freshwater Pawn
by Chakraborth, Chiranjib & Ak Sandhu

Rs 250.00
Fisheries Science
by Santhanam, R

Rs 375.00
Fisheries Bioeconomics : Theory Modeling And Management/f A O
by Seijo J C Et Al

Rs 450.00
Trends In Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation And Management In 2 Vols
by Hosetti, B B Et Al

Rs 1400.00
Tendu : Diospyros Spps.
by Kumar, Vinod

Rs 220.00
Social Forestry And Forest Development Planning : A Study Of Manipur
by Singh, L Robin

Rs 290.00
Scientific Management Of Forest Libraries
by Kumar, Vinod

Rs 290.00
The Preservation Of Wild Life In India
by B N H S

Rs 460.00
A Manual Of Forest Law
by Baden, Powell B H

Rs 980.00
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