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by Sandhya Sharma

Rs 1195.00
Rs 1051.60
Horticulture : Principle sand Practices, 2nd Edi.
by Acquaah

Rs 495.00
Rs 405.90
Horticulture - Principles and Practices, 2nd Edi.
by Acquaah

Rs 495.00
Rs 420.75
Farming Systems Development In Flood Prone Basins
by Saran S Et Al

Rs 240.00
The Farmers Encyclopaedia And Dictionary Of Rural Development In 2 Vols.
by Johnson, Cuthbert W

Rs 1200.00
Encyclopaedia Of Horticulture And Gardening
by Wright, Walter P

Rs 1280.00
Encyclopaedia Of Garden Plants In 2 Vols
by Booth, Charles O

Rs 1900.00
Elements Of Botany : Structural Physiological Systematical And Medical
by Lindey, John

Rs 580.00
Economics Of Potato In Himachal Pradesh
by Thakur, D R & T V Moorti

Rs 110.00
Economic Biology And Vocational Education : A Study Of Agriculture And Zoology
by George, P Weldon

Rs 780.00
Ecology Of Plants : An Introduction To The Study Of Plant Communities
by Warming, E U G

Rs 790.00
Cocoa : Its Botany Cultivation Chemistry And Diseases
by Wright, Herbert

Rs 540.00
Brassica Crops And Allied Cruciferous Crops
by Oldham, Chas H

Rs 580.00
Sheath Rot Disease Of Rice
by Rao, K. Manibhushan

Rs 340.00
Sheath Blight Disease Of Rice
by Rao, K Manibhushan

Rs 440.00
Sericulture And Pest Management
by Sathe, T V & A D Jadhav

Rs 395.00
The Role Of Plantation Crops In Agriculture Development
by Giriappa, S

Rs 150.00
Risk Spreading Agriculture : An Innovative Way Of Agricultural Practices
by Sharma, B L & Pankaj Sharrma

Rs 300.00
Rice Blast Disease
by Rao, K. Manibhushan

Rs 460.00
Introductory Horticulture
by Christopher, E P

Rs 995.00
Insect Transmission Of Plant Disease
by Leach, Julian Gilbert

Rs 1160.00
Insect Pests Of Fruit Crops
by Deywe, J X D

Rs 250.00
Insect Pest Predators
by Sathe, T V & Y A Bhosale

Rs 395.00
by Malik, Mohmood N

Rs 1250.00
Fertilizers And Manures
by Hall, Alfred Daniel & A M Smith

Rs 695.00
Textbook Of General Horticulture
by Schilletter, J C & H W Richey

Rs 750.00
Tendu : Diospryos Spps.
by Kumar, Vinod

Rs 220.00
Soil Conditions And Plant Growth
by Russell, E John & E Walter Russell

Rs 1350.00
Diseases Of Ornamental Plants In India
by Jindal, Krishan Kumar & Madhu Meeta

Rs 400.00
Diseases Of Major Medicinal Plants
by Janardhanan, K K

Rs 395.00
Diseases Of Field Crops
by Dickson, G. James

Rs 1140.00
Developing Participatory And Integrated Watershed Management
by F A O, Warren, Patrizio

Rs 495.00
Cotton Pests And Biococunut Agents
by Sathe, T V & G S Margaj

Rs 395.00
Comparative Morphology Of Fungi
by Gaumann, Ernst Albert

Rs 1300.00
Commercial Fertilizers : Their Sources And Use
by Collings, Gilbeart H

Rs 1100.00
Cocunut And Oil Palm : Genetic Upgradation And Protection
by Ramanathan, T

Rs 350.00
Tropical Tasar Culture In India
by Mohanty, P K

Rs 280.00
Vegetable Production And Marketing
by Work, Paul

Rs 1140.00
The Variation Of Animals And Plants Under Domestication In 2 Vols
by Darwin, Charles

Rs 800.00
Plant Biotechnology Education Programmes : From School To University
by Sawhel, Wagdy A

Rs 70.00
Perspective On Agro Ecological Problems : A Geographical Study In Environmental Impact Assessment
by Sharma, Bl & Palak Bhardwaj

Rs 250.00
Participatory Cylrriculum Development In Agricultural Education : A Training Manual/ F Ao
by Alan Et Al

Rs 595.00
Para Rubber Of Heavea Brasilliensis : It Botany Cultivation Chemistry And Diseases
by Wright, Herbert

Rs 700.00
Quarantine For Seed / FAO
by Mathur, S B & H K Manandhar

Rs 580.00
Plant Tissue Culture : An Alternative For Production Of Useful Metabolites/fAO
by Misawa, Mansanaru

Rs 285.00
Plant Genetic Transformation Technology
by Sawahel, Wagdy A

Rs 280.00
Plant Genetic Engineering : AToZ
by Sawahel, Wagdy A

Rs 280.00
Plant Breeding
by Khan, Manzoor Ahmad

Rs 650.00
Biology Of Rice Fields Blue - Green Algae
by Santra, S C

Rs 440.00
Biological Pest Control
by Sathe, T V & P M Bhoje

Rs 250.00
Basic Research For Crop Disease Management
by Vidyasekaran, P

Rs 895.00
Aquatic And Semi Aquatic Plants Of The Lower Ganga Delta : Its Taxonomy Ecology And Economic Importance
by Naskar, K R

Rs 400.00
Agro Cottage Industry Sericulture
by Hiware, C J

Rs 250.00
Agricultural Biotechnology In The Developing World
by F A O

Rs 560.00
Agrarian Urban Economy And Social Change: The Socio Economic Profile Of Select Districts Of Gujarat 1850-1900
by Bajpai, Gita

Rs 180.00
Agrarian Relations And Pleasant In Modern Andhra : A Study Of Kalashasti Zaminder
by Reddy

Rs 90.00
Adoption Of Farm Mechanization In A Developing Economy
by NA

Rs 170.00
A Manual Of Palaeontology : With A General Introduction On The Principles Of The Palaeontology
by Nicholson, Henry Alleyne

Rs 780.00
Flora Of Pathanamthitta : Western Ghats, Kerala
by Kumar, Anil & M Sivadasan

Rs 1900.00
Flora Of Medak District Andhra Pradesh
by Pullaiah, T

Rs 850.00
Ecology And Biodiversity Of Indian Mangroves: Global Status In 2 Vols. `
by Vaskar, Kumudranjan , R, Mandal

Rs 4400.00
Dryland Farming : Perspectives And Prospects
by Sharma, B L

Rs 180.00
Trees And Shrubs Of Gardens : What To Grow And How To Grow Them
by Grant, John A & Carol L Grant

Rs 450.00
Transformation Of Herbicidal Technology : Chemical Based To Ecological Concern
by Raju, Rundaraju A

Rs 450.00
Training For Agriculture And Rural Development 1997-98
by F A O

Rs 395.00
Quality Declared Seed/ FAO
by NA

Rs 580.00
Pyrethrum Flowers
by Gnadinger, C B

Rs 850.00
Punjab Settlement Manual
by Doule, J M

Rs 300.00
Prospects Of Agro Processing Industry
by Giriappa, S

Rs 175.00
Propagation Of Horticultural Plants
by Adriance, Guy W & Fred R Brison

Rs 650.00
Production Technology Of Lumps Sugar
by Gur, Ghosh, A K Et Al.

Rs 595.00
Polypores Of Kerala
by Leelavathy, K M & P N Ganesh

Rs 495.00
Plant Wealth Of The Lower Ganga Delta : An Ecotaxonomical Approach In 2 Vols.
by Naskar, Kumudranjam

Rs 1400.00
Plant Vituses And Virus Diseases
by Bawden, Fc

Rs 950.00
Plant Tissue Culture : An Alternative For Production Of Useful Metabolites/fAO
by Misawa, Masanaru

Rs 285.00
A Manual Of Soil Fungi
by Gliman, Joseph C

Rs 600.00
Ornamental Plants : Role Of Mutation
by Datta, S K

Rs 1220.00
Ornamental Flowering Trees And Shrubs
by Webster, A D

Rs 380.00
Orchids Of India 3 : Biodiversity And Status Of Vanda Jones Ex R Br
by Limasenla Et Al

Rs 340.00
Orchids Of India 2 : Biodiversity And Status Of Bulbophyllum Though
by Augustine, Johns Et Al

Rs 550.00
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