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Global Indian Diaspora: Charting New Frontiers (Volume II)
by J. Vijay Maharaj and Radica Mahase (eds.)

Rs 1395.00
Rs 1116.00
Fame: A Novel in Nine Stories
by Daniel Kehlmann

Rs 399.00
Rs 311.22
Statistica Methods in Biology, 3ed
by Bailey

Rs 625.00
Rs 512.50
Scarred: Experiments with Violence in Gujarat
by Dionne Bunsha

Rs 295.00
Rs 230.10
Autonomous Colleges In The 21st Century
by R P Singh

Rs 150.00
India : A Tryst With Destiny
by David Martin

Rs 795.00
Buddha And Early Buddhism
by Compilation Of Articles From The I H Q

Rs 400.00
Evolution Of Modern Textiles
by J N Vohra

Rs 220.00
Birth Of A New India : Fresh Light On The Contributions Made By Bentinck Dalhousie Curzon In The 19th Century
by S. C. Ghosh

Rs 200.00
The History Of Education In Medieval India 1192-1757 A.D.
by S C Ghosh

Rs 275.00
Cataloguing Of Indic Names In A A C R-2
by D K Kaushik

Rs 450.00
Four Seasons Gardening In India
by Aruna Ludra

Rs 300.00
The MR Book : Pocket Guide For Medical Representatives
by Sunil Khosla

Rs 150.00
Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya Or Karma Yoga Sastra In 2 Vols.
by Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Rs 1500.00
Student`s Text Book Of Zoology In 3 Vols.
by Adam Sedgwick

Rs 675.00
Sri Autrobindo : Col. 10
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
The Sacred Books Of The East ( In 50 Vols. )
by F Max Muller & Translated By Various Scholar

Rs 8000.00
Antiquities Of Indian Tibet In 2 Vols. Bound In 1
by A H Francke

Rs 450.00
Maathir Ui Umara In 3 Vols. Bound 2
by H Beveridge

Rs 750.00
Elements Of Hindu Iconography In 2 Vols. In 4 Pts. Bound In 2
by T A Gopinatha Rao

Rs 750.00
Anals And Antiquities Of Rajasthan In 3 Vols.
by James Todd

Rs 500.00
Manasara Series In 7 Vols.
by P K Acharaya

Rs 2650.00
History Of India As Told By Its Own Historians In 8 Vols.
by Elliot And Dowson

Rs 1650.00
Father India : A Reply To Mother India
by C S Ranga Iyer

Rs 70.00
Srimadbhagvad Gita Rahasya Or Karma Yoga Sastra In 2 Vols.
by B G Tilak

Rs 700.00
Soordas : Vol. 9
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Tulsidas : Vol. 8
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Meera Bai : Vol. 7
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Nationality And Empire
by Bipin Chandra Pal

Rs 150.00
The Art Of Jewellery ( Ancinet To Modern Period )
by H. Clifford Smith, Dr. Vijay Kumar Mathur

Rs 2250.00
Rs 1687.50
Newly Discovered Copper Hoard Weapons In South Asia
by Deo Prakadh Sharma

Rs 2200.00
Rs 1650.00
Vedic Mythiology
by A A Macdonell

Rs 155.00
Travels in India By Jean Baptiste Tavernier (in 2 Vols. Bound in 1)
by V. Ball & Ed. William Crooke

Rs 350.00
Watching China Change
by Robert C. Cosbey

Rs 500.00
Meaning Of Globlisation : Indian & French Perspectives
by Ed. Rama S. Melkote

Rs 600.00
India Facts & Figures
by Mohan M. Mathews

Rs 750.00
China Perspectives
by P. Putatunda & Stewart Mac Pherson

Rs 500.00
A Mysterious Wind
by Romen Basu

Rs 200.00
Panchatantra : Ancient Stories With Moral Values Or Fables
by Esther Mary Lyon

Rs 95.00
Garland Of Mythical Stories
by K P Unni

Rs 40.00
The Yoga-Vasishtha Maharamayana of Valmiki (in 4 Vols. in 7 Parts Bound in 4) 01 Edition
by Vihari Lal Mitra

Rs 2500.00
Father India ( A Reply To Mother India )
by C S Ranga Iyer

Rs 70.00
Mithuna In Buddhist Art
by V. V. Sudha Piratti

Rs 750.00
Rs 562.50
Swami Vivekananda : Vol. 6
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Ramakrishna Paramhansa : Vol. 8
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Raman Maharashi : Vol. 3
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : Vol. 2
by B K Chaturvedi

Rs 50.00
Indonesia : A New Begining ?
by Ed. Satish Chandra & Baladas Ghoshal

Rs 500.00
Growth And Development Of The I T Industry In Bangalore And Singapore : A Comparative Study
by Chia Siow Yue, Nick J. F.man, R.venkatesan

Rs 300.00
Environmental Economics In The Third Millennium
by Roma Mukherjee

Rs 275.00
It`s Always Possible : Transforming One Of The Largest Prisons In The World
by Dr. Kiran Bedi

Rs 450.00
Buddhist India
by T W Rhys Davids

Rs 160.00
Himalayan Gazetteer In 6 Vols. Bound In 3
by Edwin T Atkinson

Rs 1250.00
Delhi 1857
by Henry W Norman & Keith Young

Rs 195.00
International Turism Management
by A. K. Bhatia

Rs 600.00
Combating Aids In The 21st Century : Issues And Challenges
by D. N. Kakar & S. N. Kakar

Rs 600.00
Wings Of The Evening : Selected Poems Of Vivian Virtue
by A. L. Mc Leod

Rs 500.00
Studies In Vedanta Philosophy
by Ed. By R. K. Panda

Rs 450.00
Rs 337.50
Essence Of Buddhism
by Dr. Vijay Kuamr Mathur

Rs 450.00
Rs 337.50
Literary Gems From Sanskrit Literature ( A Study Of Rare Manuscripts )
by S. Y. Wakankar

Rs 400.00
Rs 300.00
The Chandogya Upanisad
by Raja Rajendralal Mitra

Rs 375.00
Rs 281.25
A Comprehensive Grammar Of The Sanskrit Language ( Analytical Historical And Lexicographical )
by Anundoram Borooah

Rs 150.00
Rs 112.50
History Of Asia
by B. V. Rao

Rs 500.00
Bitter Sweet Truth : Recollections Of An Anhlo Indian
by Esther Lyons

Rs 600.00
Nationality And Empire ( A Running Study Of Some Current Indian Problems )
by Bipin Chandra Pal

Rs 150.00
Orissan Temple Architecture ( Study Of Vastusastra )
by N. K. Bose, Dr. Vijay Kumar Mathur

Rs 1400.00
Rs 1050.00
The Adolecent Giri
by Dr. Amrinder Bajaj

Rs 45.00
Hemakuta Recent Researches In Archaeology And Museology
by A. V. Narasimha Murthy, K. M. Suresh

Rs 4000.00
Rs 3000.00
Prehistotric Envrionment And Archaeology Of Krishna Tungabhadra Doab
by J. Varaprasada Roa

Rs 1800.00
Rs 1350.00
Decorative Arts Of South Indian Temples
by M. Adnarayana

Rs 1600.00
Rs 1200.00
The Genesis Of Imagination Selected Essays On Literature Theory Religion And Culture
by Indra Nath Choudhari

Rs 600.00
Eradication Of Corruption And Restoration Of Values
by Ed. Subash C. Kashyap

Rs 600.00
Scenes From The Plantet : In All Excelling Or Divine
by Madison Morrison

Rs 600.00
Sermons From Stones Contribution Of Andhra Art Culture And Thoght
by M. Krishna Kumari

Rs 950.00
Rs 712.50
Ecological Awareness Reflected In The Atharvaveda
by Niranjan Jena

Rs 250.00
Rs 187.50
Mini Dictionary Urdu- English
by NA

Rs 25.00
Mini Dictionary English- English- Urdu
by NA

Rs 25.00
India Tourist Guide
by NA

Rs 150.00
How To Improve Your Memory
by NA

Rs 50.00
Baby Names ( Above 10,000 Names)
by NA

Rs 60.00
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