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Introduction to Soil and Agricultural Microbiology         
by Prabhakaran, G.

Rs 340.00
Rs 289.00
Soil Geography
by Kale, V. B

Rs 500.00
Rs 425.00
Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics
by Singh, & Singh

Rs 525.00
Rs 446.25
Startup Ecosystem In India Text & Cases
by Sardar, Ramesh

Rs 398.00
Rs 338.30
Rural Development
by Satya Sundaram

Rs 598.00
Rs 508.30
Agribusiness Management
by Mishra, Biswas & Giri

Rs 260.00
Rs 221.00
Rural Development in India
by Desai, Vasant

Rs 698.00
Rs 593.30
Agricultural Economics (Models, Problems & Policy Issues)
by Desai, R.G.

Rs 425.00
Rs 361.25
An Introduction to Agricultural Economics
by Bilgrami, S.A.R.

Rs 375.00
Rs 318.75
Agriculture for Competitive Examinations
by B.B. Singh

Rs 395.00
Rs 355.50
Agrarian Distress In India: Problems And Remedies
by B.C. Barah, Smita Sirohi

Rs 700.00
Rs 560.00
Current Issues in Agriculture
by Jagannath Lenka

Rs 895.00
Rs 787.60
Agriculture and Rural Development in India
by M.L. Dewan

Rs 500.00
Rs 400.00
Land Question in India
by N.Linga Murthy, G. Rajaiah , T. Jyoti , K. Venkat Narayana Mohd. Iqbal Ali T.Papi Reddy

Rs 895.00
Rs 787.60
Plant Diseases and their Management
by S.B. Chattopadhyay

Rs 2295.00
Agricultural Growth in India: The Role of Technology, Incentives, and Institutions
by A. Vaidyanathan

Rs 795.00
Rs 715.50
Handbook of Agriculture in India
by Shovan Ray

Rs 425.00
Rs 382.50
Perspectives in Environmental Studies, 3/e
by Kaushik, Anubha

Rs 150.00
Biopesticides: A biotechnological Approach, 1/e
by Joshi, S.R.

Rs 75.00
Hydraulic Design Tables for Pipelines, Sewers and Drainage Lines, 1/e
by Joshi, J.N.

Rs 299.00
Hydroelectric and pumped Storage Plants, 1/e
by Jog. M.G.

Rs 175.00
Laboratory Manual in biochemistry, 1/e
by Jayaraman J.

Rs 100.00
Prospects and perspectives of Solid Waste Management, 1/e
by Hosetti, B.B.

Rs 295.00
Laboratory Manual in Microbiology, 1/e
by Gunasekaran, P.

Rs 100.00
Basic and Applied Soil mechanics, 2/e
by Gopal, Ranjan

Rs 395.00
Water Resources Engineering: Principles and Practice, 2/e
by Murthy, Challa Satya

Rs 275.00
An Introduction to Mycology, 1/e
by Mehrotra, R.S.

Rs 250.00
Plant Molecular Biotechnology, 1/e
by mahesh S.

Rs 299.00
Basic Concepts of Soil Science, 2/e
by Kolay, A.K.

Rs 250.00
A Textbook of Agronomy, 1/e
by Chandrasekaran, B.

Rs 1199.00
Gymnosperms, 1/e
by bhatnagar, S.P.

Rs 299.00
Practical Methods for Water and Air Pollution Monitoring, 1/e
by Bhargava, S.K.

Rs 195.00
Biodiversity of parasite-Fauna Jammu, kashmir Ladakh Himalaya, 1/e
by Bhagat, R.C.

Rs 395.00
Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering, 1/e
by Asawa, G.L.

Rs 299.00
Water pollution and Management, 1/e
by Varshney, C.K.

Rs 200.00
MCQs in Microbiology, 1/e
by Vidya Sagar, G.

Rs 100.00
General Biochemistry, 4/e
by Weil, j.H.

Rs 235.00
Analysis and Prediction of Soil Behaviour, 1/e
by Nagaraj, T.S.

Rs 495.00
Watershed Management, 2/e
by Murthy, j.V.S

Rs 600.00
handbook of Silk Technology, 1/e
by Sonwalkar, Tammanna N.

Rs 495.00
Management of Water Resource in Agriculture, 1/e
by Sreeramulu, U.S.

Rs 175.00
Water pollution-Causes, Effects Control, 2/e
by Goel, P.K.

Rs 275.00
Concepts of Insect Control, 1/e
by Ghosh, M.R.

Rs 200.00
Soil physics, 1/e
by Ghildyal, B.P.

Rs 250.00
River Morphology, 1/e
by Garde, R.J.

Rs 495.00
Evolutionary Bioinformatics, 1/e
by Forsdyke, Donald R.

Rs 699.00
Applied Entomology, 2/e
by Fenemore, P.G.

Rs 195.00
Elements of Water Resources Engineering, 1/e
by Duggal, K.N.

Rs 295.00
Extension Education Communication, 1/e
by Dubey, V.K.

Rs 260.00
Plant Physiology, 1/e
by Datta, Subhash Chandra

Rs 295.00
Systematic botany, 4/e
by Datta, S.C.

Rs 200.00
Plant Breeding, 1/e
by Das, L.D.V.

Rs 185.00
A Textbook of Agricultural Statistics, 2/e
by Rangaswami, R.

Rs 270.00
Land Treatment of Waste Water, 1/e
by Gohil, M.B.

Rs 275.00
Methods in Bioinformatics, 1/e
by Annadurai B

Rs 495.00
Experiments in Microbiology, plant Pathology and Biotechnology, 4/e
by Aneja K.R.

Rs 225.00
A Textbook of Basic and Applied Microbiology, 1/e
by Aneja, K.R.

Rs 395.00
Topics in Biostatistics, 1/e
by Ambrosius, Walter T.

Rs 699.00
Genetics, 2/e
by Ahluwalia, K.B.

Rs 250.00
Elementary Irrigation Engineering, 1/e
by Asawa, G.L.

Rs 120.00
Genetics and Plant breeding, 2/e
by Das, L.D.V.

Rs 175.00
Poultry Diseass Diagnosis and Treatment, 3/e
by Chauhan H.V.S

Rs 295.00
Plant propagation, 1/e
by Sadhu, M.K.

Rs 185.00
Tank Irrigation and Agricultural Development
by P. Chiranjeevulu

Rs 275.00
Spatial Dimensions of Socio-Economic Development
by A.K. Tiwari

Rs 450.00
Industrialization in Tribal Areas of Himachal Pradesh
by Vijay Kumar Sharma

Rs 495.00
Industrialization in Himalayan Region
by Prof. Kulwant Singh Rana, Dr. RAkesh Singh, Chaman Premi and Shivani Singh

Rs 750.00
Indian Tribes: A Psycho-Social Perspectives
by Aradhana Shukla

Rs 550.00
Urban & Regional Planning Policy in India
by Wishwakarma, R.K.

Rs 300.00
Farmers` Participation in Irrigation Management in India: Status, Impact & Determinants
by Prasad, Kamta

Rs 695.00
Growth of Trade, Commerce & Public Sector Undertaking: An Indian Perspective
by Padhy, S.P.

Rs 995.00
Decentralised Planning: A Study of Objectives & Operational Framework
by Mishra, A.D.

Rs 495.00
Taxation of Foreign Investment in India
by Matta, Ali Mohd.

Rs 895.00
Government Accountability and Public Audit: RE-Engineering the Comptroller & Auditor General of INdia
by Mathur, B.P.

Rs 695.00
Competitive Financial System
by N.P. Kurup

Rs 495.00
Agricultural Mechanisation & Social Change in India
by Rita Khanna

Rs 350.00
Local Finane in Indian State: Municipal Finance of Varanasi Division
by K.L. Kedia

Rs 495.00
Migrants in Indian Metropolies
by NA

Rs 225.00
Bonded Labour in India
by N.D. Kamble

Rs 250.00
Project Planning and Appraisal in Planned Economy
by D.K. Jain

Rs 250.00
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