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Drug Design
by Morris Sylvin

Rs 475.00
Rs 403.75
Sentencing Drug Offcenders In New South Wales
by Potas

Rs 804.00
Dealing With Drug Misuse ( Crises Invention In The City)
by Jamieson

Rs 1306.00
The Indian Mafia
by Ghosh

Rs 100.00
The Delinquent ( Direction Of Social Control)
by Heg Hugt

Rs 2002.00
American Delinquency ( Its Meaning & Construction)
by Empay

Rs 1338.00
Forensic Applications of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Analytical Concepts in Forensic Chemistry)
by Shirley Bayne, Michelle Carlin

Rs 8269.00
High- Performance Liquid Chromatography In Forensic Chemistry
by Luri & Wittwe

Rs 8269.00
Handbook Of Mass Spectra Of Drugs
by Sunshine

Rs 8046.00
Handbook Of Spectrophotomatric Data Of Drugs
by Sunshine

Rs 8046.00
Drugs The Noose Tightens
by Rishi

Rs 200.00
Ecologic Biomedical Approaches To Treatment To Delinquents And Criminals
by Hippchen

Rs 1294.00
Dangerous Secrets ( Alcoholism, Child Abuse, Incest, Spouse Abuse, Suicide) Maloadaptive Responses To Stress
by Weissberg

Rs 1798.00
Delinquency : The Problem And Its Prevention
by Scott

Rs 1670.00
The Delinquent Fantasis
by Morican

Rs 1306.00
Drug Abuse And Society
by Prashant

Rs 200.00
The Traffic In Narcotics And Drug Addiction
by Ghosh

Rs 150.00
Drug Use And Ethnicity In Early Adolescence
by William A. Vega, Andres G. Gil

Rs 1827.00
Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Of Environmetnal Problem Solving
by Machnell

Rs 1743.00
GC-MS Gguide To Ignitable Liquids
by Gilbert

Rs 3057.00
Practical Drug Enforcement
by Lymon

Rs 3270.00
Instrumental Data For Drug Analysis
by Robertson

Rs 6470.00
A Brief History Of Cocaine
by Karch

Rs 853.00
Drug Abuse Handbook
by Karch

Rs 4337.00
Molecular Bases Of Chromatographic Seperation
by Forgacs

Rs 5427.00
An Atlas Of Polymer Damage
by Engel

Rs 3785.00
Rs 3217.25
Sentencing The Federal Drug Offender ( An Experiment In Computer Aided Sentencing)
by Potas & Walker

Rs 1162.00
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