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Organic Farming in India : Status, Issues and Way Forward
by Arpita Mukherjee‚ Souvik Dutta‚ Tanu M. Goyal‚ Avantika Kapoor‚ Disha Mendiratta

Rs 1495.00
Agriculture for Competitive Examinations
by B.B. Singh

Rs 395.00
Rs 355.50
Climate Change and Agriculture Implications for Global Food Security
by Haripada Das

Rs 2495.00
Rs 2120.75
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers: An Introduction to Nutrient Management, 8th ed.
by Havlin, et al.

Rs 625.00
Rs 531.25
Hartmann & Kester`s Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices, 8th ed.
by Hartmann, et al.

Rs 995.00
Rs 845.75
Plant Breeding Methods?•
by Mahabal Ram

Rs 695.00
Rs 590.75
Future Crops, Vol- II
by K. V. Peter

Rs 2995.00
Rs 2635.60
Future Crops, Vol- I
by K. V. Peter

Rs 2200.00
Rs 1936.00
Handbook of Life Sciences
by Sunil Patel

Rs 695.00
Experimental Phytochemical Techniques
by N. Raaman

Rs 2700.00
Environmental Changes and Natural Disasters
by Md. Babar

Rs 1280.00
Advances and Challenges in Agricultural Extension and RuralDevelopment
by R. T. Rathakrishnan

Rs 1700.00
Laboratory Manual of Biochemistry: Methods and Techniques
by R S Senagar , Rishu Chaudhary

Rs 1495.00
Irrigation Systems Engineering
by Balram Panigrahi

Rs 990.00
IPR: Drafting,Interpretation of Patent Specifications and Claims
by N.S. Rathore

Rs 600.00
Introductory Microbiology
by D. Balchandar , R. T. Vendan

Rs 650.00
Intellectual Property Rights Demystified
by Ram Kumar , A Jayakumar

Rs 425.00
GIS: Fundamentals, Applications and Implementations
by K. Elangovan

Rs 550.00
Geospatial Technologies for Natural Resources Management
by S K Soam , P D Sreekanth , N H Rao

Rs 2450.00
Geographic Information System
by B. Gurugnanam

Rs 500.00
Genetic Resources and Seed Enterprises: Management and Policies
by Hari Har Ram, R Yadava

Rs 2950.00
Fundamentals of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Gardening
by A. K. Tiwari

Rs 2000.00
Fundamentals of Garden Designing: A Colour Encyclopedia
by R K Roy

Rs 3600.00
Fruit Crops: Volume 03. Horticulture Science Series
by Lila Mathew T. Radha

Rs 1910.00
Food Science and Technology: Glossary of Preeminence
by Dev Raj

Rs 895.00
Food Science
by A S Bawa , P S Raju , O P Chauhan

Rs 2450.00
Food Processing Waste Management: Treatment and Utilization Technology
by V. K. Joshi, S. K. Sharma ,

Rs 2000.00
Food and Nutritonal Security by Sustainable Agriculture: Methods to Attain and Sustain
by Saini,Sunil et.al. , Brijesh Kumar Mishra

Rs 2450.00
Farm Women Empowerment Through Diary Co-operative Societies
by Pitambar Swain

Rs 795.00
Farm Machinery and Power
by Ashok G. Powar , Vijay V. Aware

Rs 740.00
Extension of Technologies: From Labs To Farms
by N. Anandaraja

Rs 1500.00
Extension Management in the Information Age Initiatives and Impacts
by H Philip , T Rathakrishnan , Ravi Kumar Theodore

Rs 1650.00
Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants: Breeding and Biotechnology
by Bidhan Roy

Rs 2700.00
A Handbook on Irrigation and Drainage
by Balram Panigrahi

Rs 2950.00
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
by N.G. Ravichandra

Rs 1295.00
Rs 1100.75
Mushrooms: A Manual for Cultivation
by S Biswas, M Datta, S.V Ngachan

Rs 495.00
Rs 420.75
Acid Soils: Their Chemistry and Management
by A.K. Sakar,

Rs 1495.00
Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Development
by N. S. Rathore

Rs 1280.00
Modern Methods in Plant Physiology
by Girish Chand Srivastava

Rs 650.00
Modern Biotechnology and Its Applications (Set of 2Vols.)
by K.K. Behera

Rs 3995.00
Microbial Diversity and its Applications
by S B Barbudde , R Ramesh , N P Singh

Rs 1250.00
Microbial Diversity and Functions
by D. J. Bagyaraj, K Tilak

Rs 2250.00
Microbial Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry
by D Joseph Bagyaraj

Rs 2180.00
Microbial Biotechnology
by Ratul. Saikai

Rs 1990.00
Microbes: A Source of Energy for 21st Century
by S. K. Soni

Rs 2160.00
Merging Plant Breeding with Crop Biotechnology
by J K Yasin, S Srivignesh, P T Prathima, J Nanjundan, M Arumugam Pillai

Rs 1550.00
Medicinal Plants: Holistic Approaches
by Nudrat Sayed Zawar

Rs 2950.00
Manual of Soil,Plant Water Fertilizer and Manure Analysis
by M. V. Durai

Rs 895.00
Management of Agricultural Inputs
by S Mahapatra

Rs 1500.00
Statistical Methods for Agricultural Field Experiments
by Vijay Katyal, B. Gangwar

Rs 350.00
Statistical Designs and Analysis for Agricultural Field Experiments
by D. M. Hegde, V. Katyal

Rs 595.00
Solving the Pulses Crisis
by B Gangwar

Rs 2000.00
Soil Testing and Analysis: Plant, Water and Pesticide Residues
by Patiram

Rs 590.00
Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis
by Sushant Pal

Rs 1550.00
Botanicals as Ecofriendly Pesticides
by P. P. Mahulikar, K. M. Chavan

Rs 600.00
Biotechnology of VA Mycorrhizza: Indian Scenario 01 Edition
by S. Chandra, H. K. Kehri

Rs 1640.00
Agro-enterprises for Rural Development and Livelihood Security
by J.P. Sharma & S.K.Dubey

Rs 1910.00
Agricultural and Waste Management for Sustainable Future
by Asoke Kumar Sannigrahi

Rs 895.00
Agricultural Statistics: A Guide for Competitive Examinations
by K S Kushwaha

Rs 325.00
Agricultural Extension: Worldwide Innovations
by R. Sarvanan

Rs 1200.00
Agricultural Biotechnology: Indian Print
by G.J. Persley

Rs 1550.00
Agri-Horticultural Biodiversity of Temperate and Cold Arid Regions
by Nazeer Ahmed Zeerak

Rs 2150.00
Agri Food Crops: Processing, Value Addition, Packaging and Storage
by R Sasi Kumar , PS Sivakumar

Rs 1910.00
Advances in Soil Borne Plant Diseases
by Manjunath Naik

Rs 1820.00
Advances in Protected Cultivation
by Brahma Singh

Rs 1695.00
Nanotechnology in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
by Tapan Adhikari, S Kundu, A Subba Rao

Rs 1820.00
Molecular Markers and Plant Biotechnology
by R. S. Tomar

Rs 2900.00
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Microbial Methods
by Manoj V Parakhia

Rs 1640.00
Modern Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture
by Sunil Kumar

Rs 1800.00
Economics, Marketing and Sales of Agricultural Products
by Thakur Shailendra Nath

Rs 1280.00
Ecologically Based Integrated Pest Management
by U Shankar D P Abrol

Rs 3150.00
Agroforestry: Systems and Prospects
by C B Pandey , O P Chaturvedi

Rs 2950.00
Agroforestry: Systems and Practices
by Sunil Puri, Pankaj Panwar

Rs 2350.00
Agroforestry: Principles and Practices
by A.K. Patra

Rs 695.00
Agroforestry Systems for Resource Conservation and Livelihood Security in Lower Himalayas
by Pankaj Panwar, A K Tiwari , K S Dadhwal

Rs 1550.00
Encyclopedia of Agricultural Meteorology
by L.K. Dhaliwal , S.S. Hundal , Barun Biswas

Rs 595.00
Elements of Food Science
by Shafia Jan

Rs 600.00
Elements of Entomology
by H Lewin Devasahayam

Rs 1820.00
Efficiency Indices For Agriculture Management Research
by P. Devasenapathy , T. Ramesh ,B. Gangwar

Rs 350.00
Technologies for Sustainable Green Environment
by V Davamani

Rs 895.00
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