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  KUMARAJIVA : The Transcreator of Buddhist Chinese diction

Kumarajiva : The Transcreator Of Buddhist Chinese Diction

by Nirmala Sharma

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  This work by Prof. Nirmala Sharma is the first full-length narration of the extraordinary life, immense literary output, manifold philosophical perspectives of Kumarajiva and the development of a new translation methodology by him. He is the great transcreator of Buddhist Chinese diction. His oeuvre covers all genres of Buddhist literature. All his works, both extant and lost, are detailed. The author discusses at length his crucial texts that became the foundation of sects and philosophical systems in East Asia. Kucha the homeland of Kumarajiva excelled in painting, music and dance. Around a hundred illustrations of murals and scrolls vividly portray this ambience of Kucha.
The author has added a writeup of President Daisaku Ikeda, whose devotion to the unparalleled monk-translator adds to the deep understanding of the mind and message of Kumarajiva to humanity. President Ikeda discusses Kumarajiva’s new systematization of terminology to bring greater clarity to Buddhist thought and practice.
The author ends the book with the translation of the original Chinese life of Kumarajiva, translated by Prof. J. Nobel, from the Lives of Eminent Monks written by Hui-chiao in AD 519. The original text in Chinese has also been reproduced.

ISBN - 9788189738198

Pages : 180
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